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When I 'wasted' my time at school, listening to Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd albums, I always used to dream about living in Scotland overlooking the sea, painting pictures, playing and recording music, fishing in my own bay, working on the land and not having to worry about money, and it's all here, O.K. except the money, so I don't worry about it...

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

True or False

A....  A child who's mum is in hospital gets a taxi to their school ?
B..... A registered alchoholic gets a taxi to make a 12 mile round trip to deliver a bottle of whisky to their house everyday ?
C..... A registered alchoholic gets a daily cash allowance to buy their drink and a free bus pass to get to the off license ?
D.... .A cat will be boarded at council expence if it's owner can not look after it ?

B, C and D are all true but we now know that A is not.
The child (A) has now had to start in a new school..... short term we hope.
B, C and D are happy, or seem to be.
I do believe that everyone should be looked after if needed, but could there be any chance of common sense?
Sorry for the 'rant' but as we are all being told to save money I'm starting to wonder why !

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