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When I 'wasted' my time at school, listening to Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd albums, I always used to dream about living in Scotland overlooking the sea, painting pictures, playing and recording music, fishing in my own bay, working on the land and not having to worry about money, and it's all here, O.K. except the money, so I don't worry about it...

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Picc Line

During my recent treatment I had a PICC line inserted to pump in the drugs (it never worked properly) but upon removal it WAS snapped in half and so left about 6 inches of plastic tubing stuck between my arm and shoulder..... today I had several xrays in order to locate it with a view towards it's removal..... It's moved and they have lost it, cue panic and confusion amongst those 'in charge' and no doubt a few more visits to Dumfries RI next week, to say my confidence with those that 'know what they are doing' is wearing thin is somewhat of an understatement. On the upside I cue jumped so I was only there for about 40 minutes......

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